7th October 2013 - DJ Marshall Lake Mining PLC Half-yearly Report

Dear Shareholders

As you may be aware that White Tiger, our operating JV partner on the Marshall
Lake project, completed a circa 4,000m drill campaign during the first part of
the year. The summary of the drilling results were announced on 17 July 2013.
Those results highlight the excellent potential of the Marshall Lake property
as well as demonstrating its complexity.

Work on 3-D modeling in respect to the RM and the nearby Gazooma Zones is now
progressing well. This 3-D modeling is part of the process that enabled White
Tiger to identify the successful drilled targets from the Spring-Summer
campaign as well as identifying another three high value areas which will be
considered for drilling in due course.

Additionally the potential of other areas within the tenement are being
assessed . A key area included in that review is the Billiton Zone which has a
historic non NI 43-101 inferred resource. Areas such as Cherry Hill, Teck, G,
South Billiton, Enzo, Lin and north of Gripp Lake add to the potential.

The actions taken above are based on a new approach which focuses on using
existing chemical analysis of correlated elements together with reinterpreting
existing IP data using more powerful software tools than those available when
the data was originally connected. The information has then been back tested
where available using the extensive drill data available, both modern and
historic. In terms of this work we would like to thank specialist staff from
the University of British Columbia who greatly assisted in the task.

Whilst cautious we are optimistic that this new approach will add significantly
to our ability to refine drill targets and differentiate between the higher and
lower copper mineralisations on the property. It is early days on this approach
but the latest excellent drilling results have given us added confidence.

Following these results, a visit to the White Tiger office in Vancouver and a
visit to the Marshall Lake properties were recently conducted by your
Directors. Whilst the visit was brief, several areas of mineralised outcrops
were visited on site and we obtained a much better understanding of the
potential of the area.

Further work in Marshall Lake is now planned, including that of deep IP work to
produce a high-resolution 3-D response and identify potential sulphide targets.
We will keep shareholders informed as and when developments unfold.

Unaudited results for the first six months of the year are laid out below:

Marshall Lake Mining plc

Unaudited Profit and Loss Account

for the six months ended 30 June 2013

Six months to Six months to
30 June 2013 30 June 2012

Administrative expenses (17,346) (22,456)

Operating loss (17,346) (22,456)

Profit/(loss) on disposal of current asset - 371

Interest receivable 27 31

(Decrease)/increase in value of (67,129) (25,992)

(Loss) on ordinary activities before (84,448) (48,046)

Tax on profit on ordinary activities - -

(Loss)/ profit on ordinary activities (84,448) (48,046)
after taxation

Dividends - -

Retained (loss) for the period (84,448) (48,046)

Basic (loss) per share (0.55p) (0.31p)

Marshall Lake Mining plc

Unaudited Balance Sheet

for the six months ended 30 June 2013

2013 2012

Fixed assets

Intangible assets 829,195 829,195

Current assets

Debtors 5,850 8,594

Investments held as current assets 31,277 210,058

Cash at bank 12,829 23,209

49,956 241,861

Creditors: amounts falling due within one (11,533) (23,495)

Net current assets 38,423 218,366

Total assets less current liabilities 867,618 1,047,561

Creditors: amounts falling due after more - -
than one year

Provisions for liabilities

Deferred taxation - -

Other provisions - -

- -

Net assets 867,618 1,047,561

Capital and reserves

Called up share capital 77,920 76,420

Share premium 737,908 709,408

Profit and loss account 51,790 261,733

Shareholders' funds 867,618 1,047,561

For further information, contact:

Dr. Jeffrey Malaihollo Paul McGroary
Managing Director Chairman
07717186297 07930568160
jeff@ccgoldfields.com pmcgroary@gmail.com

The Directors of the Company accept responsibility for the contents of this announcement.